HERBONA - About us

About our company


We are a purely Czech company which, since 2009, has been dealing with the buying, purchasing and processing of all plant products, especially herbs and spices from all over the world. Our strong point is especially the purchase of herbs from collectors, organizations and elementary schools. We import and process herbs, spices and various plant products intended for the production of herbal teas and spirits. We can also arrange for the import and delivery of all plant products according to the customer’s wishes. We help save money invested in the importing of plant products from all over the world. Help and advice in importing plant products.


We are holders of the BIO certificate issued by the inspection organization KEZ o.p.s. - CZ -BIO- 001; we are also allowed to use “Czech product” and have obtained the Klasa mark.. We likewise have a HACCPcritical points system in place.



We also focus on the production of single-species herbs, so-called monodrugs, which are intended directly for consumers, processors, tea companies, distilleries or tea shops and tea houses. The special tea blends we produce according to the customer’s specifications have an excellent taste and unforgettable aroma without the addition of chemicals.

Purchase of herbs

We also purchase herbs from Czech growers and collectors at very favorable prices per individual agreement. We also cooperate with primary schools and support the purchase of herbs and orange peel. This way we hope to bring back the collecting and teaching of medicinal plants to elementary schools. See Purchasing Herbssection for more information.

Processing of herbs and spices


We process the herbs and spices we purchase with our own machinery so that the end customer - tea companies, distilleries and other food establishments - can produce and use the herbs in making their own products without the need for further processing. We are able to process spices and herbs on cutting machines, granulate them on granulation lines and then mixthem according to the customer’s wishes.

E-shop operations

Last but not least and a novelty of our company is the opening of an e-shop offering healthy food and loose-leaf herbs and everything that goes into a healthy lifestyle.