HERBONA - buying, purchasing and processing herbs and spices

Herbona s.r.o. buys and sells a wide range of herbs, spices and plant products wholesale and retail from all around the country as well as importing them from all over the world.

Our core business:

  • Herbs and spices for the food industry and specialized production
  • Herbs for pharmacy and perfumery
  • Herbs for spirits and beverage production
  • Spices for the food industry

We process herbs and spices according to customer requirements. Our company has its own machinery for processing herbs and spices (cutting, grinding, mixing). We test raw materials in laboratories for pesticides, alkaloids and other chemical substances that must not be in food. We use accredited laboratories.

Our suppliers are individual collectors, schools, and organizations that specialize in the herb trade. We also cooperate with growers and farmers who provide us with high-quality and pre-analyzed raw materials. Spices and other ingredients for the food industry are mostly grown for a singular purpose.

We are holders of the BIO certificate from the inspection organization KEZ o.p.s. We also distribute BIO raw materials.

Purchasing herbs

We purchase herbs from Czech growers and collectors at very good prices.

Processing herbs and spices

We process purchased herbs and spices using our own machines.


We also focus on the production of single-species herbs, the so-called monolog, which are intended directly for consumers.


We offer complete consultancy to our clients and customers.


We offer favorable prices to our partners.

Retail + Eshop

We now offer retail sales, including through our e-shop.